"The Cat in the Hat"

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It started a book,
Then it was a play.
Next movies and sequels
Joined in the fray.

I guess we've all read it
At one time or two,
But in fact it's quite twisted
When you think the plot through!

These two too-young kids 
Are left all alone,
On their own when a stranger
Barges into their home.

He ruins their stuff,
Then boxes he brings
And demands that these kiddos
Must play with his "Things!"

(In fact, if this tale
Had a different editor
This story might end like
To Catch a Predator!)

By the end of the story,
The cat has now fled.
The house is cleaned up,
And no one is dead.

Then when Mother comes home
And asks what occurred,
Of the stranger who'd been there
They say not a word.

The Lesson learned here is,
When Mom's at the store
Beware all strange felines
And lock the front door!

Seuss, Dr.  [Theodor Seuss Geisel.]  The Cat in the Hat.  New York: Random House, 1957.
The Cat in the Hat

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