Nickelodeon short: "Fast Food"

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When I was little, I never tried a shamrock shake or lime Kool-aid, and a green congealed salad?  Forget it.  That's because this innocuous little cartoon taught me that green food coloring comes from live frogs.

The premise of the short is basically Iron Chef: Frog Edition.  It's St. Patrick's Day, so the three competing chefs must each make a green-colored dish using the frog provided.  The frog, for his part, makes futile pleas for help from his bell jar prison.

The chefs squabble over which parts of the frog they will use for their Swamp Mist Bleu, Frog-a Souffle, or Ribbit Rarebit.  A food fight ensues--clunk! pow! bonk!--as they clamor for the frog's liver, fat, or the whole darn frog.  Suddenly, the announcer says there has been a "terrible mistake"-- it's not St. Patrick's Day; it's Valentine's Day!  (Meanwhile, the frog has escaped in the melee.)

There is a pause in the action and we see a very red parrot looking quite worried.  "Uh oh," it says.  "Polly wants a cracker.  Polly does not want to be a cracker."  We are only left to speculate about the poor bird's fate after the credits.

Lesson learned:
Red velvet cake may contain trace amounts of scarlet macaw.

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  1. I remember this cartoon well! Once you see it, you will not likely to forget it, no matter how hard you try.

  2. Does anyone remember explicit language or word that was said at the very end of the credits on this video? It sounded like someone said something at the very end.

    1. Hey John, it's getting frickin' hot in here
      I remember that from way back when I first saw this little short
      Must have been 3 or 4 at the time...

  3. I remember this and can't find any trace of it (other than this post). If I recall, the dish was "Swamp Mist Bisque" and that particular chef exclaimed "sacré bleu, I must have liver! One cannot make swamp mist bisque without a clean liver! Or at least, two kidneys and a gizzard."

  4. Actually, here it is!